Your Body Knows Your Worth

flying-bee-170b_df638ce4-a554-47fe-ae6f-e0ec49c821bd_1024x1024.gifYou do not need validation from other people as your being, alone, is already a valid reason for you to try to reach the goal you know you deserve.

Your mind, though you think has been giving you demons all this time also helped you think of the things why you need to survive. Your mind gives so much effort to cherish all the good memories that you have. It has provided you bright ideas so you can try new things and continue to grow so you can be a better person every time you have the chance. It gives you judgement to do right things.

Your eyes, they are just supposed have the gift of vision but more than that, you see the goodness in people. Your eyes make you see the intangible beauty in this world.

Your lips that are just supposed to express. They made funny jokes and made others laugh. Those lips has also provided people with words that made them smile.

Those hands that are just supposed to let you touch and hold things. You created crafts and touched the heart of people with your gestures and it helps you make the things you wanna do.

And your feet that is just supposed to take steps. You’ve made them kick when you were not able to  contain your happiness, they gave you freedom and took you places that you wanna go.

You should not let how you’re valued by other people affect you when you yourself did more than you’re worth. Before you judge yourself of being not good enough, think of how much you tried to be more than enough. Your body itself did not limit the things that it can do, and that is what you have to do too. To try your best to discover more of the things that you are capable of and make the most out of your life.

Bumblebees are not supposed to be flying for its body is too heavy for its light wings but they’re flying because they do not accept and let the limitation of people tell what they cannot do. So as them, do not let the people through you. Do what you have to do, so you you’ll maximize your worth and your value.


The Climb


Moving a mountain is not how you can conquer it.

The way you conquer the mountain is when you climb to its peak and then going down. The way up is always tougher than the way down. You have to carry the strength of believing in yourself, because if no one else does, who will? You have to only take the essentials that would help you in your journey, and negative energy is not one of them. If you chose to take them, you have to know how to convert them into something useful.

Not everyone needs to know that you will go on a journey for yourself. Your journey is for you and not for them so you don’t need the words from people who don’t believe in you. It will pull you down. You have to accept that you can’t please everyone. Opening up is a choice to be made, a decision that you make from your heart, which will always be your home. Once you have open up, be careful whom you’ll let in, and its fine if others  don’t want to. You don’t hold a door open for someone who doesn’t want to go in. It is your home, you can always close the door and open it when someone knocks.

You only need to surround yourself with people who will provide you the energy to keep going. You had carried enough negativity and pain and it is time for you to drop them down, it is the only way to help yourself to the top.

Choosing the right people to come into you is a way to secure yourself.


Struggle for Self-love


Finding self love is an endless journey.

It is a set of roads to which at times you might find yourself lost along the way. The roads will get bumpy at times so you will doubt yourself if it is really possible to find self-love, all because you are used to staying in your comfort zone. The comfort zone of not seeing yourself as something that you really are and what you can be.

It does not mean that you are comfortable, it is where you deserve to be.

The journey to find self-love takes a lot of braveness. You would have to be brave enough to step out, because there’s a lot more for you. The transformation might be painful, but you are not going into something that you’re not. You will just learn the capacity to be more beautiful.

Self love is seeing your worth beyond what you see in the mirror. It is not about pointing at your flaws but seeking the most beautiful qualities that is within you. It is seeing something special beyond what the eyes can to which only the special people like you have the ability to do so. It is embracing everything about you whether it is a flaw or something you’re proud of, because it adds up to you. Self love is caring for yourself and allowing yourself to be a better version every time you get the chance.

Seeking validation from other people does not feed the love you have for you but your ego to face others because you live for their ideas and standards but not your own. You put yourself in an illusion that you can learn to love yourself because people want you, when in fact, it has to start from yourself so you can make it radiate and make them embrace you the way you embrace yourself.

Self love is not a single journey. What you need to tell yourself is to cherish it once you find it. At times, the world just can’t be gentle and might say words that could hit you down.  You’ll never know when your mind would consume you again. Your mind will eat you up at times, so if ever you find self-love, keep holding on to it as long as you can. What’s important is to take what you can every time you’re down and carry it once you get back up again and again.

It is in loving yourself that it gets better.

The You and The Others

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Another day, waking up confused for seeking the idea of where exactly are you right now in your life. Days are passing by, time is running faster and you know you are not getting any younger. You have just seen another person’s success, feel happy for them and then frustrate yourself of when will you ever have yours. Or will you ever not?

Pressure, it really is. Others are doing themselves really well, then there’s you. You’re just another someone, trying your best to patiently wait for things to happen. The world is getting tougher, and so should you.

The thing is if no one tells you that you can, you still have yourself. Maybe it’s because you would excel in other things that could take time for you to see progress. Take time to look for it, find it. Give yourself the chance of stepping into something you think that will help you grow, It could work or not. You win, commend yourself. You don’t, you’ll learn something.

As for your struggle, what worked for them, might not work on you because people are made with different journeys. You are worth your own. Something that even you, do not understand. You will have your own way of getting there, because you have been given a different set of skills. You will have a different destination, the place that you deserve for trying hard to work on.

You just have to see what you really are, and what you can do.We all have different timeline, maybe the reason that yours is taking longer is you need more time to make it much better than others. It could be because you’ll get something better than them, in time. Once you have reached it, you will be a better person because of what you have been through before anything else. Maybe not now, but in time.

The world is changing, and it is fine if you can’t keep up but don’t let the world change you and be the change.

The Other Side of the Bridge

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You are done with yourself, getting used to where you are and wanting to explore because you know that there is more for you. There is something more than what you see, if only you could just cross the bridge.

You have to be brave to take the risk of crossing the bridge above the raging waters. You wouldn’t know how crossing to the other side of the bridge could make you remarkable if only you would believe in yourself. Do not focus your mindset about falling on the raging waters but what you want to see after crossing.

There will always be something scary. Fear is inside you. It is inside everyone of us. It is one of the biggest constants in life. Think about what could happen if you took the leap of faith. You can’t succeed if you would always let your fear consume you. Have faith in yourself and don’t let it take over you. You don’t have to kill it, you have to conquer it.

You have to sacrifice a part of you to take over your fear and divert that part of you into something, something that means your success. You have to cross the bridge to get to the other side, no matter how unstable you think the bridge is, because it is the only way. Sacrifice should come first before you claim the prize.

Of course, there could be a mist and strong winds along the way. We can’t deny that on your way, there will always be something that feeds your fear more, there will be rejections, and there will be people who will not believe but if the fear keeps growing, feed yourself with your goal so you grow yourself more courage to keep going.



Your Right to be Wrong


196c1fc0bb9af5fe5bde8d38bbd2790bWe all make different life choices. We have different views on how we see things. What we think could be the best for us might be the worst for others. This is a world full of all different personalities, way of thinking and way of living, but for sure one thing should be in common, we all deserve the right to be wrong at some point in our lives.

We can’t deny the fact that nobody likes to commit mistakes. Wrong choices bring disappointments. It is one of the things that can pull us down heavily. On the other hand, wrong choices also makes us realize to be more careful in the future. This is something that helps pull us up. Making temporary wrong choices give us permanent lesson to help us in our future decisions. It is a pre-requisite for your growth as a person.

Put it in a perspective where you brought yourself to the wrong destination because you got on the wrong bus. You will always find your way back home. From there, you can start over again in your real journey. You might find yourself in a highway under the noon sun with the warm breeze that rolls a hay ball. You might not know where to start, but at least, you already know the roads that are not yours to be taken.

In decisions, if it is right, you win. If it is wrong, you lose something, but you gain lessons.  Make mistakes. You earn something that could not be taken away by anyone, the experience, the memories and your learnings. If others can’t be gentle for your mistake, then be gentle for yourself.

Fight to Live or Live to Fight

tree of life drawing ideas

Another normal day……for everyone. For you, it’s another day done you’ve fought to live.

For you, it was another day that you have survived. Tick! tock! It scares you as you hear the sound of the tick of the clock. The sound that reminds you tomorrow, it will be the same, you start by fixing yourself, wear the smiley face and be with people that you have to like. Again and again, and again. Survive the day until you reach the night where you are by yourself, again.

Alone in the dark. That’s how you like it. You make wonders on your own that people will never understand. You do it on your own because they would not appreciate the beauty that you can do. You isolate yourself so you can shine on your own, because people have a different perception of beauty, and your magic will never be their’s. People like seeing and enjoy the sun while you decorate the dark sky with the moon and the stars. That’s what you want, to be the person that lights up when no one else does. The person that chooses the right people to see when you illuminate. You light up for people who are not used to be in the dark, the place where you grow. The place that you will always choose to stay so you can walk people through the light again.

You try to blend yourself so you won’t get too much or lose too much for others to see. In reality, you are a gem under a gravel waiting to be unfold. Resume life. Win and Lose. Give and take. Breathe. Inhale and exhale.

For now, cherish what you have survived, as you continue to grow your trunk and grow leaves so you can shade the people you love. Continue to grow strong on your own and let them notice you once you have grown strong. Be the tree that gives people the place to rest. Be the tree that gives people the shade when it rains or shine. Be the tree that blooms beautiful flowers for people. Be the tree that is home to the million fireflies that shine like the stars in a dark night.

You may be fighting to live now so just go on with winning the battle. The war is endless, keep winning and losing until you live to fight, not just for yourself, but for the people you love.

A Beautiful Destructed Part of You

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When it is there, it is either you love it or hate it, but when you lose it, you miss it.

You have been used to staying up the late nights. You have been used to digging into yourself and mining the gold out of your soul. You are used to making something so precious after you almost suffocate yourself down to the deepest part of you. You dive in and destroy yourself by mining the goods. The precious words that speak not just for yourself, but for everyone you know who can be fighting the same war. The war that is for everyone, but only the brave survives and only the special ones make peace with it, to which you are one. You destroy yourself because you know how to fix it. You are in a cycle within yourself.

You miss the feeling because you miss a part of yourself. You miss it because it has made you grow brave enough to face it. You dive in even if you’re not sure if you can make something out of it or break yourself for nothing. You self-destruct but not sure if you’ll make a great explosion. You think that you are not making the most of you because you’ve learned to make something good out of something so bad in you. You are not used for yourself being happy, so when you are, you feel like you are losing not just a part of yourself, but your whole you. Without your thoughts, you feel worthless.

Being happy makes a part of you sad, because it makes you feel that you are letting a big part of yourself go. You are used to being lonely, so you do not now how to embrace happiness when it tries to come in. Loneliness have been a big part of your life, you feel like it gives you a sense to live. It makes you live for others who are not strong enough like you.

You do not need to let go, you just got to learn how to embrace the happiness that’s knocking  in and pray that you can make something as beautiful as what you can do from your loneliness. You invest in your feelings so you’re wondering if you’ll learn how to make something of the unusual feeling.

Happiness is indeed a choice, but not for those who have learned how to make beautiful things happen from the dark like you. For them, happiness is like a strong wind that passes through. You can feel it, but when it leaves, it only leaves a happy memory and good experiences .

And if it does, it is another thing for them to explore and for them to create something more.

The Rage of Waves

waves 1
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What is more heartbreaking than getting yourself drowned a hundred times by the large waves of thoughts and just when you finally learned how to surf to make the most out of it, it’s gone.

Before, we used to be scared on how these waves would consume us, so it gradually taught us to learn how to swim. Swimming in this rage of thoughts, it made you learn the ability to surf. Surfing in a way that you know not just to go with the flow, but make something special from it.

Now, just thinking how we would lose the waves when we finally learned how to play with it makes us sad. Learning how to play with the waves can always take us to the seashore. The safe and calm place– 

Life is a beach, is it not? It gives you all these ideas to play tricks on your mind that you can do everything. Is this life giving us another larger waves of thought that we need to overcome? Is this life sending us to a bigger ocean for us to conquer? Whatever it is, as long as we live, pretty sure that the waves will keep coming. The better we are, the larger they become. We all want to be a better version of ourselves than we were yesterday, but only up to that. There are people who aim to be the best as soon as they can but if so, life would be no sense if we have reached the best version of ourselves. Life should give you a thrill, not a child’s play. People can only go better and better but not the best, yet.

For the larger waves coming, our surfing skills may not be enough. Brace yourself to catch the waves and the surprises behind it. No matter how unexpectedly large it is, don’t be scared. No matter how many times we drown ourselves, we can always try to swim up and surf again. It is a part of what life is about. An enormous ocean.

Getting Up, Growing Up

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The good old days, you were just another kid who wanted everything in the world. To have all the superpowers, money, have all the fried chicken, all the toys, and all the friends you can. Remember how you cried over things you don’t get?

Look at you, you have grown up. You learned that life fucks everyone. Things didn’t go out the way your younger self want it to be. You just can’t cry yourself out. Think about how your younger self looks into you right now, pretty sure that little thing is sad.

As we grow older, we get to find ways on how we think we could fulfill that dream of that little kid. We get to the point that we were being too hard on ourselves that we even set personal standards. “Standards”, a word from the society on how it sets the view to its people and its goals, the more you live to it, the more favorable. There you are, getting too harsh and setting them even to yourself, even if is not on your favor.

You don’t have to be one of those people getting in line on that old track. Keep going for the things that you didn’t know anything about. Give yourself the time to take several paths. All the roads not taken that you see to reach the line. Don’t get that little kid disappointed when the path didn’t go well, and that some things don’t just go your way. Pretty sure that kid would tell you to keep going.

Open up the kid, that teenager, that there is more to the world than what they wanted. That you, as a grown-up has got to know what the best is for you. That as you grew up, you didn’t want to be the richest man in the world. Just enough to live your means, and be able to help the environment, the community, and the helpless. Just be able to express yourself and be happy.

As you continue to grow up, it’s okay to not be content with who you are today. Just be contented with more simple things in life when you have given your best. Consider the things more than that the rewards you get for being gentle with yourself by any means given by God.

By now, you just have to respond to that young kid, “let’s get moving, we have been through many tough times. Things haven’t been easy for us, but look how far we’ve come”. Do yourself a favor, loosen up yourself and tighten up your seat belt on your way to a better version of you.