We Don’t Realize How Loved We Are

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Making yourself your own home will always be the best option. But what if we have been home for so long that we do not notice that what we allow to come in slowly destroys it? Sometimes, we only allow the things that we are familiar with without knowing how much it affects us, such as pain. Sometimes, it is the people that has always been around but we were never familiar.

Your life these days may have been down lately and at the back of your mind, you are thirsty for love, maybe not that of romantic, but the kind of love from people who really cares. The thing is that we have been spending too much time facing the faults in ourselves, that we lose time to face the people who loves us. You do not need to open up your doors, sometimes you just need to open just the windows so you could get a different view and a breathe of fresh air. What we don’t realize is at sometimes, we forget to breathe, and that we also deserve fresh air to come inside us. It is suffocating to be surrounded by happiness and not making the effort to feel it.

It is maybe that we deny it to ourselves to the “care” of others as valid and true. We do not allow ourselves to trust people who wants to come inside and help rebuild our home. We look too much at ourselves about how we suffer, but we do not look at how others are so much willing to give to help us out. Trust is always a part of the process. We keep on staring at our flaws when sometimes what we need is even just a peek to see the beauty that’s has always been around us.

We are not afraid to open up, we are scared of being misunderstood by our people.

There are times that it is difficult to absorb the love around us even though they exist because we shut them down without giving it a chance. We have been slaving ourselves with the idea that we do not need any kind of care and love from others. We choose to conceal the pain in ourselves because we do not want them to suffer seeing us suffering. We don’t want people to let them feel a bit of what we are feeling. We don’t want people to worry about us, or be sad about what we feel. We do not want them to feel useless for not being able to pull us up when we fall. We do not want them to see us vulnerable. We are vulnerable and it won’t help to be misunderstood so we  just try so hard to please people by showing off we are well but forget to please ourselves by the love we’ve been subconsciously ignoring from them.

It is difficult to accept who we are or what we have become. At some point, we miss the person that we used to be before everything happened. Sometimes, a peek on a hole from the wall that we have built is something that can make a difference. If only we could guard ourselves a little less even just for a little while, then something that we don’t expect might be waiting for us.

Being Soft is Powerful

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Being soft does not equate to being weak. Bamboos, they may not be as sturdy as a tree trunk, but they can bend with the wind, and still rise up the way they were.

Let people think you are weak, for they only mistaken your softness as your weakness. Let them see weakness during the dark. Let people think you’re a prey when you know you have always been a wolf, the leader of the pack. Let them mistaken your call of strength for a cry, surprise them and show them something in you when they least expect it. Use it as an advantage to show them something that they never thought you were, a person full of resilience shaped by everything you’ve been through. Let their own judgement deceive themselves and be unapologetic of your strength.

There will be people who will never think that a dark battle is something you hide. Your softness is the language that others cannot speak. It is your voice that not everyone can fathom. Your spirit is meant to be wild and should not be tamed. Do not think of your softness as weakness, for rarely will anyone shows their real side. Do not be affected by the people intimidated by your strength for they have never thought of it as something for the world to see.

Be  grateful for the tears that drip from your heart, for it waters your soul. Being soft is an attribute of strength. Do not apologize for feeling your emotions. Not everyone has the strength to embrace the times they are vulnerable. Tears are concentrated feelings that tells you’re alive. Let your softness build your presence, for your presence will always be better than other’s mere existence.

Sometimes, it is good to embrace the solitude of being soft. Your sensitivity is your strength because you have the power to embrace what others can’t. You have the power to see the pain and struggles of others. You have the power to lend a hand when even you, needs one. You know what is it like to be in the darkness, you know pain. Courage doesn’t always roar, sometimes it is a voice deep inside your heart whenever you try to carry on. Let them be amazed by the strength you have been keeping yourself.

Ignore people who think that they know you more than you do. If you are ignored for feeling sad, it does not mean that what you’re feeling is bad. It is because either your feelings are too deep for the people who can’t dive as deep as you, or because they have also been ignored the same way they do to you. You have been through hell, but you still rise with the wings of an angel.

You became soft in the hardest way, which tells that you are unstoppable.


When Someone Choose to Leave


You scroll through your phone and found the old pictures. You listen to music that was once the songs of your heart. You read the exchange of messages that proves how much you can love. You are staring at the moments that have turned to memories, all the things that witnessed how much love you are capable of giving.

It is sad when people whom you made your best memories with leave, and they become a memory. We cannot just hold back other people’s happiness just because they don’t find it in us, just as them leaving should not cause us to be unhappy for the rest of our lives. We should not let someone make our world stop for leaving us. You have to be your own universe. You don’t have to be afraid to lose people, what you have to be afraid of is losing yourself.

Do not hold on tight to the broken pieces, or you’ll keep on cutting and hurting yourself. It is your life and you take control of it. We have to learn to let go of what is killing us. The pain, the hurt and the memories. Even if it kills us to let go. It is a process of learning to fall again, but this time, back to yourself.

Do not lose yourself trying to keep others. You have to be your first and last love, so you’ll be your final resting place. It is the only way so you’ll never go to back to anyone, for nothing deserved you more than you deserve yourself. You don’t have to impress people so that they would love you. Just be yourself, and then you will know which people would stay and these are the people that deserve to see what you can give to the world.

Stop thinking that you need other people to be the best person that you are. Who knows? The person that you want the most might be the person that you are best without. When people leaves us to choose something better, it is fine, for if they wanted the best and saw the best in us, they could have stayed. Do not distress of how everything has gone by to the wrong people, the time, the love, and the effort. If you can give so much love for the wrong people, imagine how you can love the right ones.

Tired of Being Tired


You look into the mirror and your reflection stares to your soul through your empty eyes.

These days, being tired doesn’t just mean physically exhausted. Most of the time, it is that your body barely tries to survive while your mind thinks of disappearing. You think you have the reached the point of being so fed up that you have accepted your fate.

We are just humans, we lose patience at times when it feels like a little while for things to still not go our way. It feels like you have been patience enough waiting for something that will in fact, need more time to happen. It sucks feeling the way of being stuck waiting in the middle and feel like the world is moving fast and you’re taking your steps  too slow, or worst, feeling like not moving at all. It is one of the worsts, exerting your best and feel like nothing that you ever think of is ever gonna happen. The fear of what will be.

I know that you’re doing something to get yourself out of the situation you are in now, but everything just do not go according to the plan but you still need to credit yourself for still being where you are right now. You need to credit yourself for on how you keep on going. Give yourself the time to breathe. You must breathe so you can go on. Do not give the whole space of your heart into something that is not you. Do not let your own shadows overtake your body, because you own it. You have given too much for you to just disappear. The world needs more people like you that are still stronger than the others even at your weakest. You must breathe to clear out the space in your heart. Continue going even though your armor which is your heart is falling apart. It is the broken armors that made the best warriors.

You must know how strong you are but you also need to stop carrying the world in your shoulder when you are made to walk on it. It takes a lot of courage to get through what you’re going through even though you’re tired. We are all a warrior of life, but consider yourself to be one of the best ones.


Why Do We Want People That Don’t Want Us?

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Sometimes, we make bridges that we will never be able to cross.

There is that person who will teach us to love the sky knowing that we will never be able to touch it. We cannot hate them for not teaching us to fly, but we can thank them for making us learn to love the things that not all others can. We have to thank them for making us learn to still appreciate the beauty of the things that we’ll never have. We should thank them for not accepting what we could offer, and not taking advantage of it.

There’s this moment in our life that we subtly cut a piece of ourselves and still offer our whole for a person that we have chosen. Others will not be able to keep it not because they are already full, but because we give them something that is not asked.

Yes, sometimes, we make bridges that we will never be able to cross, but it doesn’t mean that we should burn it. It is not their fault that they can’t accept what we offer for they can’t control their feelings the way we can’t control ours. It is also not our fault if we keep on cutting a part of us and gets refused, people have their right to choose the things that make them happy and it is okay that we are not a part of it.

It is not that we have chosen the wrong person, it is because we have not yet found the right person. We have to accept the fact, that no matter how much we are willing to give, but for a wrong person we still can never have it all. We cannot shove people the love we have for them, but we can always choose to give it back to ourselves.

It is like swimming in the ocean and loving the fishes, you can look at it all you want but you cannot live with them in the corals. Though as we may seem to feel that we belong, some things are not made for us. We cannot keep our doors open, and then force people to come in. We can close it, and just keep it unlocked, to give way for others who are willing to explore your home, and would like to take from what you serve to the table.

You can’t force a person to stay indoors with you if they prefer to explore the world. What matters most is that you must celebrate your ability to keep on loving. Cutting ourselves for people who do not want to take a bite from us should not be something that breaks us. It is more of life shaping us better and the universe telling us that someday, there will be a person who will want us more than what we can ever offer.


When You Feel Like You Can’t Do It Alone

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Pain is a natural feeling everyone knows but not everyone shows. It is more common than we have ever known.

The strong people are the ones who can conceal their pain, but the stronger ones are those who are able to embrace every part of it. It sucks that some people thinks of us as a great warrior, when in reality, inside an armor is a soul full of scars. We may look strong, but it hurts that at some point, we just want someone to take us by the hand and help us carry on and tell us that everything’s gonna be alright.

We just want someone to ask us how we’re really doing.

We have grown to put on a mask of a brave face, but sometimes the bravest thing we can do is taking the mask off. We think of the mask as an armor that makes us looks strong and keeps us guarded. In reality, sometimes, we have to strip the armor down to ease the weight we are carrying to get through. We have to acknowledge that at some point, we get so weak. Stripping the armor down does not mean falling, it is acknowledging your vulnerabilities as a human, that you can only bear so much pain. We just have to choose the right people who can see us, those who we trust that will not break us at our weakest and will make us feel safe. We may need to go real slow, and that’s okay.

Your pain will never be admired by people, it is how you overcome the struggle that goes with it. It is your pain that will make you more beautiful as a person. Some people will never know when you break, but it is when you’re molded stronger that people adore you. At some point, taking the armor down is all it takes to get through and stay alive. You have to be alive and be proud for you will have a story to tell, of how brave you were when no else sees you.

When You Feel Different


This isn’t something new to you, you know you were always different and God knows how you wish to be just like everybody else. It has always been one of the demons that you have always been thinking how to overcome.

If not now, when will you ever plan to let go of the idea that everything could have been entirely different if only you were what you wish for. Everything happens for a reason. Stop making scenarios in your head about how it could have been, about the things that you don’t have to go through, if only you were just like everybody else.

Why not embrace your uniqueness and make something out of it? Why try hard to fit in and not embrace the person that you are instead of overcoming that demon? You do not have to resist for being different, it is how you fight for yourself to show everyone what you’re made for.

There is no need to fit in because we are all made different. You have to see the beauty of being different. On a dark sky, the moon is the only different thing among the glowing stars. It is because the moon is made to shine brighter than the rest of the stars in the sky. You feel different because you are unique, and that you are made for something. Do not let people dim your light no matter how hard things could get. Embracing that you are different will be the starting point of a difference in your life.

For now, do not look down on yourself as what others do. Some other people owe you an apology, but what is worse is you having to owe an apology for yourself for not learning to accept every little thing different about you, when it makes up to being an amazing person that you are now. Learning to seize your difference is a part of everything you have to go through to be a better version of yourself tomorrow.

An Ability to Love is an Ability to Get Hurt



The people we love the most hurts us the deepest.

Because when you love, you let your guards down and let yourself become vulnerable. When you love, you trust the person to be with you no matter what. You submit your whole self because that person becomes a part of you.

It is scary to love, but what is scarier is not being able to feel pain, because it makes us human. It is scary to think that you’ll let someone kill you, but once we find the right people, we’ll be happy that they won’t. The person who deserves all the love that you have to share. Be happy that you have the ability to give someone the ability to kill you. It is a sign of your strength for you will always know that you can always keep yourself alive, and still be a person full of love.

It will hurt, but you have loved with no regrets. You will break, but don’t rely to someone in mending your heart, by giving yourself the love you can give for others. Your trust and love  you can give yourself is what you need most during this time. Do not lose yourself for the people who lost the meaning of giving love, and do not break yourself for the broken promises of loyalty, that only you can provide yourself.

Sometimes, the people that we love might subconsciously hurt us, but don’t let that pain take over the love that you have. What’s broken can be mended, and what’s hurt can be healed. You should not change the way you love, but should change the way you think. The less time you spend hating the people who have hurt you, the more time you have to give love to yourself and the people who love you.

Pain is a part of nature, even the most beautiful roses have thorns. Anyone can love a rose because of its beauty, but only the greatest can love hold it with its thorns.

When You don’t Feel Beautiful


Point at that crooked teeth, that pimple marks, the curves and the stretchmarks. Point at that body out of shape. You know you just can’t change certain parts of yourself, and it is scary to stay that way forever, yet so tiring of constantly pointing every flaws you have in yourself.

There are a lot of things about us that we can’t change, but our opinions of ourselves is not one of them.

Beauty is not just about being pretty, beauty is not just about the qualities people are born with. The beautiful people are the ones who have survived the most destructive storms. They carry beautiful eyes that tells stories. Stories about defeat, suffering and journey to be where they are right now. They have known the darkness of struggles to have a compassionate heart. The beauty in people don’t just happen, it is a process that don’t just happen to everyone.

You should not focus on your physical attributes for everyone has a different perspective of how we see beauty. What you don’t appreciate about yourself could be what someone is wishing for. We are all born different. Physical beauty is subjective to the eyes of every person in this world but what is mutual is how you show the beauty of your character.

Beauty are the qualities of being bold and strong. It is about being able to stand up no matter how the world tries to put you down. It is being brave and fierce, and the resilience of choosing to be kind in a world full of hate. You must learn the ability to look for the good things that you are and learn to accept yourself. It is our imperfections as humans that make us what we are. Every quality that we have, good or bad, sums up what kind of person that we are, and we have to focus on what we can change, and accept what can’t be undone.

Learning to love yourself is a good thing, but realizing that nothing was wrong with you to begin with is another. Time will pass and it will make our physical attributes fade, but what’s always been inside of us will remain as long as we hold on to it.


When Things Don’t Just Work Out

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This maybe one of the days you’ll hate yourself for being weak for not being able to get through. I know, it kinda sucks, but what you don’t know is it really doesn’t. Today is actually one of the days that you have to remember for you have shown wit in conceding. It is not cowardice to continue facing a war without supplies, but being smart enough not choosing to be defeated, and that is your strength.

It is okay if sometimes that you lose your spark, but remember that you always have the power to ignite again and then rise like a firework.

Do not be afraid to raise the white flag, if it would give you the peace that you need. You have fought so much and you deserve to take a rest and recover. Recover but don’t quit. Give yourself the time to prepare for another battle. It is fine to surrender and lose once in a while. Catching the bullets will not make you any braver and so as dodging the bullets will not make you a coward, if you must do it to live. Surrendering is fine, if you think it is the only option possible. Losing a round doesn’t mean that it is a game over. It is a reminder that you must get better so you can take over.

It is enough that you tried and failed. It already makes you warrior for fighting. It is fine to go home with broken armors, for it is the broken armors that made the best warriors. We will not be defined by our past or what has broken us, but we will be defined by how we believe and choose to rise up.

Life will get harder, but you’ll get tougher. Life will kill you a thousand times but you will be reborn stronger a thousand and one times. It is fine to feel everything even if you don’t like, even if it hurts. It must hurt, so you can heal. No matter how much we try to do everything right, sometimes we are meant to fail, because we are meant to be made stronger.

Smile because you are still surviving, and sometimes, that’s all that you can do. Nothing in nature blooms all year long, so don’t be harsh on yourself when you don’t either. There are times that we fall, but it is for us to bloom again, more beautiful.