In The Middle of Your Journey


Focus. An overwhelmed mind is an obstruction that blocks the path of your heart.

Sometimes, the best thing we could do is just stop overthinking, worrying, and doubting. It is trusting the process and having faith for the best things to come maybe not how you planned it, but how it’s supposed to. Do not just bow your head. It is either you look forward to where you’re going or look back to the reason why you’re starting. You have to focus to where you’re going.

You do not need to push yourself too hard. It is okay to stop for a while and take a rest. You are entitled for the things that you want to do that you think is necessary for you to reach your destination.

Just as you try to keep up with your journey, some people will keep on giving you reasons why you should stop. You might find yourself lost in the middle, your motivation and confidence. Not everyone will like the way you represent your heart.What you do is find just one reason why you should keep on going, the same reason why you started in the first place.

Some people will just look and step down on you. The world will haunt you and break you. Do not use the shards of your broken pieces to cut others. Keep mending those pieces until you’re complete again, until you get to where you wanted.

Keep it real with yourself, that it takes struggles to get what you want. Be patient, the day you plant a seed is not the day you harvest its fruits. In every difficulty, there is ease. Be grateful for where you’re at now, and inspire yourself from your journey you’ve been through after everything. The struggles will pass, but your lessons will stay forever.


Fall in Love with Yourself


See that nice shape of a woman in her bikinis? Who knows she has been starving herself long enough to make her unhappy. See that guy wearing those branded clothing? Who knows he’s been struggling for his savings just to wear those clothes? It is beautiful and sad at the same time. It is beautiful that they are putting every effort they can in what they do, but what is sad is that they may not be doing it for themselves at the expense of unconsciously beating up themselves.

It is breaking how some people are going through the unnecessary struggles to make themselves loved by others. What others don’t see is the struggles they have to go through so they could fit in and earn the acceptance. Acceptance should not be earned, but should be given in respect to the differences. It is sad that there are people who keeps on seeking validation from others, when the only validation that should matter is the validation that comes from ourselves. Sometimes, what we assume for other people to expect from us is not what’s good for us.

Nobody is as successful as what you see them for people tend to put their best foot forward.You do not have to be one of those people. You don’t have to be perfect or be a good example to prove yourself to everyone. You have to be the person who acknowledges every little thing about you, for if not others, who else will? You have to start it from yourself, so others can see how you care and love yourself. You have to be the first to love yourself, and it will be contagious. It is okay to accept your ordinary, unique, and good enough self. You have to stop not liking yourself for the things that you are not, but instead focus on the good things that you are.

You should be the first person that you need to be good enough for because you will be the one whom you will spend your whole life with.

You need to be celebrated for the victories you’ve made because no one knows what it took for you to accomplish them. By learning to love yourself is learning that you deserve more, being brave enough to ask for what you’re worth, and discipline for you to work more for yourself. Do whatever makes you happy, as long as it makes you a better person than you think you were. Keep doing what you love as long as you’re not stepping a foot on others. Embrace yourself and give the acceptance it deserves. Give yourself the appreciation you are seeking, for there will always be people who would love to hate. Find the love within you, let it shine through, and let that light touch others.


In Saying No

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This is one of the moments when it is difficult to be genuine with your heart. It is difficult to be stuck between the feeling of saying yes at the cost of your will choice and saying no at the cost of being selfish to others.

The thing is it is fine to say no every time you choose to. It is not being unkind to refuse the things that would compromise you. It is not being rude to others but being kind to yourself. Saying no takes a lot of courage, but it pays yourself well. Do not be selfish to yourself to look after your needs when you don’t feel right. You are allowed to have your boundaries.

Learning to say no is a way to reclaim yourself. It is in refusing that you have the power to tell people that no one owns you but yourself. Do not let the guilt of saying no consume you for you have made a great choice for choosing yourself. Do not forever hold your peace in giving yes in something that your heart does not submit. You do not have to accept things that you are not okay with.

Having said “yes’ from the past does not strip your right to say “no” in the future. You do not need to always provide access to you.

Saying no is a strength you have to use not in ruining others but protecting yourself. You can still be kind and still say no. Save your yes for the things that really matter to you for from there, you will see your matter. You are not just honoring your worth, but raising your value. You are created to create your own life. It should not be dictated by pleasing people too much. It is not about disappointing them, but making yourself happy.

Do not make it your obligation to make people comprehend the things that they don’t have to understand. What you need to do is to understand who you are and what you really want. Not everyone can see through your eyes, and if you don’t speak for yourself, your answer will always be yes. It is nobody else’s duty to make a choice for your happiness but yours.




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Some days we just find ourselves drowned by our emotions of hurt and anger. The world kind of sucks that way, there will always be people who will not care of their actions if they would hurt anyone. There are unkind people and these are the people that do not deserve your kindness.

It is true, not all people deserves your kindness, but will you use the knife behind your back to hurt others and get your hands dirty with the filth of the darkness in vengeance? Yes, some people do deserve to taste their own medicine. The truth is that you can always try to be one of those people, but deep inside you know that you are just not that kind of person. You can choose revenge, but you always choose to understand as to why someone could have done it to you. You can grow your heart to be covered in thorns or choose to grow a garden instead.

It is amazing to meet someone who has been hurt but still have the power to treat everyone with care and kindness. Forgiving someone means giving love to yourself, for allowing yourself to find peace. The point is not being kind to them, it is being kind to yourself in the first place. It is making yourself happy by the kindness that fills your heart because you know that it is what you deserve. Forgiving is making yourself live, after you have been tried to put down. It is taking the knife out of your back and not using it to hurt anyone else but understanding the reason why someone has hurt you.

A hidden wound in the heart will always make people sick no matter what. Give yourself the time for you to heal and accept what was. When you forgive you heal, and when you heal, you let go, and every time you let go, you grow. It is your heart that you have to guard above everything. What matters is what you will do on what will be. Do not let the darkness of the your past haunt the brightness of your future. Only a few people are made with kind hearts, so don’t let the evil of pain haunt you. Forgiveness is something only strong people can give.

You are just a mere human and it might be difficult to find it in your heart. For all the world know, one day, you will find it. You must acknowledge the pain and accept it in time. Serve it even if it is not asked. Let the guilt take its toll on its own. You have to focus on how you can build your life in full and making the most out of it to show that you are impregnable.

The worst thing that could happen if you would let anger cover your heart is not turning your heart cold, but ending up cutting yourself deeper with the knife that was stuck in you. Heal yourself from your wounds so you won’t bleed to other people. Do not waste time in breaking what has broken you, for you are not made for that. You are a beautiful person that is created for a beautiful purpose. When people crush you, you have to show them what crush really is, and that is compassion, respect, understanding, sincerity, and being heartful.


When You Can’t Hurry Love

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You will never be enough for some people, but for others, you always were.

One day, the right person will come and love all the things that you don’t like about yourself. That one person who will help you turn your insecurities into something beautiful that you have never imagined and mean every word they say. That person who will make a room for you to grow. That person who will accept your past, be with you in the present and will help build your future. The person who will love you on the days when you don’t know how to love yourself. The person who will do everything to keep you happy to the point where you can’t stop smiling. Most of all, that person who will take care every piece of your heart.

It may take long for what it’s worth, for you deserve the love that makes you feel strong like you are meant to carry the world on your shoulders. You deserve the love that gives you security, and a love that does not leave you even at your darkest. A day will come, and you’ll meet the person who will not want to leave even when they’ve seen your demons. Instead, they will calm them down and love you more when you are vulnerable. That person who will never get tired of saving you from your catastrophes. You deserve someone you can have comfortable silences with. You deserve the presence of someone who can win over your solitude. A person who will make you feel so loved so you won’t ever doubt and not put their self in a position of losing you.

It will be hard to make people love you when you only embrace a part of yourself and put your best foot forward. One day, you will not have to choose the right person, and that is also the day that you don’t have to worry showing that part of you unseen to everyone. The person who will learn stuff about you and make you feel incredible about it. The time when a fighter like you will be fought for.

Too many people are looking for the right person, instead of trying to be the right one. For now, settle your heart and the time will come that you will meet the eyes who will make you feel home. If you’re searching for a person who will change your life, just look in the mirror, for everything that you are waiting for someone to give you is already within yourself.

A Step Closer is a Progress

Image result for baby foot drawingWay back years when you were a toddler, you won’t care how much you were not understood, you still create indistinct noises to express what you need.

Those years, when no matter how much you keep falling, you still try to get up and walk. Now, you are all grown-up. Isn’t it too late to doubt yourself for taking a step towards your goal? Small steps are still progress. Taking a step means a step closer to where you wanna be. Having a little progress is always better than no progress at all. What doesn’t matter is how long you’ll get there, but the fact that you don’t stop. You are never too old to feel like running out of time.

At times, it may be scary when we confuse ourselves to think that something is a test to keep going or a sign to stop. We all have that moment. That moment when we find ourselves to be torn in between if it’s meant to be, it’ll be and if you want it, go and get it. What you do is you do not let that shadow cast you to be stuck where you are right now and prevent you from going where you wanna be. If you really want something, you have to make an effort and stop waiting for good things to come to you. Do not pity yourself for having  a hard time trying, for you are doing your best to improve your situation, and that is what makes you strong. You deserve to appreciate yourself for trying more than enough to outgrow your old self.

It will always be the first steps that will be the most difficult. Slowly, every pieces will fall into the right places. One day, you will see how your efforts have gone far. You just have to get into that phase, and that will help you push more to work towards where you wanna be. Always put your effort for the things that give you joy. As long as you are happy, do not give up on yourself. As long as your heart is leading you, it will take you to the right place. You can’t jump straight to the end, your journey is the best part.

Even though it is difficult to see what you’re gaining, you are still heading to where you want to be. You did not come this far,not to be only at this far. It is fine if no one sees your progress, what’s more important is you are acknowledging it because no matter how much effort you put to improve yourself, it is important to know first the power of self acceptance

You have been very strong because you do not let anyone see your struggles and how you are subtly winning your battles. You are taking a step to make yourself better and every step taken takes you to the right direction. Keep going until you pull it off.

Life Gives Us Rubber Bands

Emotions are flexible, you may be happy now and the world could turn around later. What we think was the best day of our lives could be the reason why we would be miserable for the rest of our lives. Life is that way. We all have been there. We were once either on the peak of the world or the pit of our emotions.

Emotions makes up as a part of us being human. However, above all, it is our high ability of thinking that makes us superior among other creatures, but you, among other humans, you are different. You should not let yourself destroy things just because something did you so. Do not do something that you know you’ll regret in the end. You may be strong, but do not let that strength get over your head.

Do not make promises when you are happy for you are overwhelmed. Do not say things when you’re angry for you are contained. Do not decide when you are lonely for you are vulnerable.

It may be brimming, but do not let that emotion take over you. Redeem and compose yourself. Do not let others that broke you make you break yourself more. Let what you are feeling fade before you make your first move. Having a heart is a good thing, but putting your mind as a priority is better. Do not decide with your heart, that is the reason why your brain is on the top of your head. Feel it and stop for a  minute before you carry on.

Emotions are flexible, but you as a great human being will have to be firm. It is a rubber band that will burst upon your release but it still  yours to decide whether which direction will you want to take it.

Demons and Angels


Looks could kill. No matter how much you wish that people looked like their personalities, this world is full of angels with scars and demons with bright smiles.

Many people around you who seem to mean no harm could be the one whose going to drag you down. Be watchful of the people that you keep around because you are giving them the weapon to either help you with your battle or kill you.

Be aware of the people with the evil eye. They will try to get close and then drag you down because they don’t know what you will become. Unlike you who always pull yourself up, there are people who will always make time to pull others down. They are the type of people who will hold the door open for you and then leave once you have came in. You will find peace by acknowledging that it is not your fault if people will keep it real or not. Keep holding on to being real with yourself, because that’s one that matters most.

Do not regret being kind to the wrong people, for it is a reflection of yourself. It is about how they would choose to misuse it. For now, give yourself the room to grow and bloom. Unlike you when you had no one but yourself, grow stronger and be the one who will stand up for those who could not stand for themselves. Become one of the few strong ones who don’t put others down, but those who lift others up with their strength.

Do not become what the world wants you to, become what the world needs. Be an angel, even with ripped wings. Rise and see everyone around you rising.

In the end, we will all be remembered by our deeds, and the beauty of our souls.

Your Body Knows Your Worth

flying-bee-170b_df638ce4-a554-47fe-ae6f-e0ec49c821bd_1024x1024.gifYou do not need validation from other people as your being, alone, is already a valid reason for you to try to reach for something you know you deserve.

Your mind, though you think has been giving you demons all this time also helped you think of the things why you need to survive. Your mind gives so much effort to cherish all the good memories that you have. It has provided you bright ideas so you can try new things and continue to grow so you can be a better person every time you have the chance. It gives you judgement to do right things.

Your eyes, they are just supposed have the gift of vision but more than that, you see the goodness in people. Your eyes make you see the intangible beauty in this world.

Your lips that are just supposed to express. They made funny jokes and made others laugh. Those lips has also provided people with words that made them smile.

Those hands that are just supposed to let you touch and hold things. You created crafts and touched the heart of people with your gestures and it helps you make the things you wanna do.

And your feet that is just supposed to take steps. You’ve made them kick when you were not able to  contain your happiness, they gave you freedom and took you places that you wanna go.

You should not let how you think you’re valued by other people affect you when your body did more than you’re worth. Before you judge yourself of being not good enough, think of how much you tried to be more than enough. Your body itself did not limit the things that it can do, and that is what you have to do too. To try your best to discover more of the things that you are capable of and make the most out of your life. Not all people realize what you’re worth, and you do not have to be on of these people.

Give yourself a break from judging your worth.

It is good that you know how to value the people you care for and the values that you live by, and the things that speak of you. Most of all, you need to value yourself more than anything. You may have experienced frustrations and pain, been hurt and scarred, but remember that it all adds up to who you are right now and it does not reduce your value as a human.

Bumblebees are not supposed to be flying for its body is too heavy for its light wings but they’re flying because they do not accept and let the limitation of people tell what they cannot do. So as them, do not let the people through you. Do what you have to do, so you you’ll maximize your worth and your value.

The Climb


Moving a mountain is not how you can conquer it.

The way you conquer the mountain is when you climb to its peak and then going down. The way up is always tougher than the way down. You have to carry the strength of believing in yourself, because if no one else does, who will? You have to only take the essentials that would help you in your journey, and negative energy is not one of them. If you chose to take them, you have to know how to convert them into something useful.

Not everyone needs to know that you will go on a journey for yourself. Your journey is for you and not for them so you don’t need the words from people who don’t believe in you. It will pull you down. You have to accept that you can’t please everyone. It does not matter that they don’t believe, what matters is that you do.

Opening up is a choice to be made, a decision that you make from your heart, which will always be your home. Once you have open up, be careful whom you’ll let in, and its fine if others  don’t want to. You don’t hold a door open for someone who doesn’t want to go in. It is your home, you can always close the door and open it when someone knocks.

You only need to surround yourself with people who will provide you the energy to keep going. You had carried enough negativity and pain and it is time for you to drop them down, it is the only way to help yourself to the top.

Choosing the right people to come into you is a way to secure yourself.