Be Kind and Gentle Every Time You Have the Chance

© Photo by lynnechapman | Blogspot

Days will be different, time continues to pass by, but have you ever asked yourself “How am I living as a person on another’s point of view?”

There will come the days where you feel like being tested, where you feel like everything seems against your way. You feel the sky has turned grey, you look at everyone and they are having their life, then there’s you, trapped in your own bubble and mind games that you are tired of not getting your life on how you envisioned it to be. You look at yourself and the dreams you have given up, the frustrations that you have never thought would be, and the challenges that you are currently facing and how you just keep on getting through the day. You stare at the blank space and wonder, maybe you’re not just the only one fighting a battle, maybe also that man who’s tying his shoe on the train, or that  woman carrying a pack of grocery, that guy with a straight face on the bridge, or maybe that girl selling flowers on the street on her full flash smile. You encourage yourself, it could be that they are not just fighting a battle, but facing a war, and the same as you, they’re as subtle as they can be.

You feel down because you feel you are all by yourself, you want to open up but you’re afraid to end up not getting someone to lean on, be a laughing stock, or worse, getting judged, so you end up fixing yourself and just go through the day. You are on a race against your mind, a mental rage on how you would want to give up as much as how you want to keep moving forward.

Tell yourself you can do it because you are brave. You tell yourself that this is more than just a battle, this could be something that needs to happen to help you grow as a person. You believe in yourself that this is not just about what you keep on losing, but also what you get to earn along the way. You believe in yourself that you can do everything. At times, it may be difficult, but you know you will get there. Self-doubt is a part of it, but you’ll learn how to get over it along the way. Go through the feasible and happy path, and quit forcing something that would put you on a situation on getting nothing but disappointments.

You know the feeling of being lone and helpless on your own and how you wish nobody would ever feel the same way as you do. Be gentle with another person because you may not know what the other person is going through and how are they doing to get over it, that could have been the only thing for them between pushing through or giving up. Be kind, you might not know how it could help someone who isn’t as brave as you. Be gentle for it is a skill not everyone has. Be kind, because you wanna be blessed and be a blessing,

You are a warrior, a brave warrior of your own battle against yourself and the world. Tell yourself to keep moving. Do your best to help others out of the challenges you might have been through, but do not have the same courage as you do. Be kind and gentle, a warrior never leaves his co-warrior in a battle. Be the hand you needed when you needed one.


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