Fly With Your Dreams or Let the Dreams Fly


Lost — It’s where you’re at right now.

You don’t know where to go, and you don’t know where to start either. You are on a road that leads to different ways, confused and wondering where do these roads go. You have been wanting to catch your dreams ever since you were young. A bold and a very successful individual. Who wasn’t anyway? but from the situation that you are now, you don’t seem to see yourself to be able to live the dream you have planned for yourself. You feel trapped by the reality of the world that life isn’t as easy as learning your ABCs. Life is tough, the world keeps going forward and your fight with your contemporaries is getting harder. You look at yourself and pity on your situation, a boring failure. A person full of dreams and frustrations.

The house that you dreamed to call as home, the people you want to be with, the lifestyle you want to achieve, the life you want to live. Don’t keep yourself on getting too many disappointments, think, and do something to make yourself move. You have been through so much to keep yourself on that track. You have to realize, there will always be someone better, but you can also be better with something.

Not because you feel that a person your age has seemed to reach their goals, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are less competent. Sometimes, it’s chances, maybe they were born with their mediums to go far, born with the golden spoon on their mouth and their skills being well nurtured, and you, starting from the scratch. Others were helped by those people who succeeded before them.  Don’t worry, for sure, it would be a greater achievement to have reached whatever you have when you are all by yourself. A feeling of fulfillment that you are really more than what you thought you could never be. An accomplishment without the help of others but with your skills and fighting spirit.

Maximize yourself. If the world doesn’t wanna see what you have, make your way to let the world see what they’re missing. A person full of dreams blooming in a way that never has anyone thought would be.

Continue to be a person full of dreams, make it happen. Don’t get easily disappointed, if you get tired, rest, then keep moving. But know when to stop trying harder, consider the lessons and the person that you have become, you might have to let your dreams fly and who knows, something better awaits. Just believe in yourself, do what you think can help you grow, keep going and trying. Push yourself to be a better person, always.

Don’t forcibly open a locked door. Don’t lock yourself up to the idea that there is no other room in this world for you if you didn’t become what you have dreamt of. You can be the person you never thought would become, and that is fine. Embrace what you have become and do something on what you have. Right then, the doors that you thought wasn’t yours will open. Just do your best to reach your goals, keep the hopes up but your expectations down.


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