Too Strong to be in a Relationship


Laying in bed, all by yourself. You’re in the four corners of your room hearing the tick-tock of the clock. Staring at the blank space of the ceiling. You try to kill the time thinking and then looking at yourself in the mirror how kind of an art piece you are. You are alone, single and getting your shit together with no one but you. The breeze is cold and only the warm rays of the sun touch your skin. You spend too much time on your gadgets, checking and surfing online seeing everyone living the life and you, locking yourself on a ‘me’ time. A ‘me’ time, where moments are gold for a person like you, but there are times you tell yourself it could have been better with someone.

You keep on waiting for the one. You want someone to come in and show you the world. Someone to hold, someone to spend your time, and someone who makes you feel alright. You keep on waiting for someone who’s worth it. Someone who can put up with you, join your battles and care for you when you wander. Someone who can be by your side when they see your demons. You want to see your future happily with someone.

At this moment, you get confused if you’re missing the feeling of being in love or the person you used to love. You want to feel it again but are afraid to let go of the past and face the future. Now, you are lonely but you are comfortable. Is being in love worth taking the risk of losing yourself again on the walls that you have built again to isolate yourself? Your mind is on a battle to say yes, but be sure to be brave to gamble and wise enough to know someone whose worth it. That someone whom you’ll let into your world, see through your windows and touch your soul. Someone who will kiss you to calm the rage.

Keep on waiting. You know the wait will be worth it because you are a music waiting to be heard. Your heart’s a secret garden and the walls are high. You are a beautiful island in a middle of the vast seas, an oasis in a desert. A treasure waiting to be discovered. A masterpiece of art of fragility and strength. Or who knows? maybe the one you are waiting for is on a search waiting for you too. Maybe, Just a maybe. For now, fall in love with your solitude and no, you’re not too strong to be in a relationship, you are too strong to rush yourself into a mature relationship.



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