You Know You Got Stronger

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It’s another normal day, you take a rest and relax in the best way you can. You woke up, the sun is shining bright and everything seems to be in order. The sun beams light through your window. It is a light that warms your body, your mind, and your soul. You tell yourself, you did it. You woke up feeling well, not pressured, and you let everything go.

Optimistic, an ideology you tell yourself. It is what you are right now. Optimistic in a way that you see something better for you and the people you care for. The storms that once ruined you have gone by, and it’s time to rebuild yourself. The rainbow has painted the once grey sky, but you keep in mind that nothing lasts.

You rebuilt yourself stronger so you prevent yourself from getting destroyed again. The walls that once let everyone in has gone higher. You let go of the things that weighed you down so you can soar high, but you hold on to some of the things that destroyed you as a reminder to keep pushing forward. These are the remembrance to not forget what you’ve been through. The memoirs to tell you to keep fighting and going.

Keep the scars in your soul and let the people you care for look into your eyes. The eyes will always be a window through your soul.

You know you got stronger when you miss yourself feeling the pain that used to kill you. You don’t wanna go back to the situation, but you wanna go back to what used to be yourself  and reminisce on how it has been through. You can let go of the pain, but never the lessons and the sincerity to touch others.


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