A Thing Called Vulnerably Strong

© Photo by @elesq | Instagram

Another day, another rejection. You’re alone in a room. You lie in bed to take a rest, but no matter how much sleep you get, you’re still tired. You are tired of being tired. Wanting it all to end, an idea has crossed your wandering mind, but you’re scared. Scared but still think it is the only way to escape. Scared but wonders if it’s worth it to escape the pain. You accept yourself, but the people reject.

How come some people were brave enough to just leave but scared enough to keep moving on. Maybe they’re exhausted, or we never know, we all have that one reason within ourselves that tells us what to do. The reason that we just don’t let out from ourselves.

You are so hurt, your eyes speak of pain, and your actions show fragility. But it is the mind, your mind keeps telling you to give up but your heart yells to keep going. You can cry all you want, it might not change the situation, but it will help. Tears bring out the screams you have inside you. They water the vines inside you to mend your heart. Cry, cry all by yourself until you feel lighter. It is better than to feel empty and nothing at all.

After so, get up, fix yourself and keep moving. Beautiful gardens bloom not only by watering, but with care and enough sunshine. Face it, that is the only way to get through.


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