Pain; A Part of Being Human

© Photo by Kachiiri | Deviantart

As human beings, we can ruin everything we touch, including each other. The worst case scenario is that we might end up ruining even ourselves.

Waking up the doing the same, you thought you were on your way to find yourself a greener pasture to cleanse your mind and to give your soul a rest. You have already caused yourself too much pain. You know it is time to take a break from breaking. The hurt is caused by disappointments and ungranted wishes. You keep mending yourself but the universe conspires to keep on tearing you apart.

But why do we keep hurting ourselves and not get used to it? Why do we find ourselves to be happy when we feed ourselves with the idea of something that we know wouldn’t happen? How can we wish for other people to be happy when we haven’t felt the genuine happiness within us? Why do we search for happiness in other people? Some questions are left to be unanswered, and that is how the world works. The world doesn’t just revolve around you and that means that we have to go through or we’ll get ourselves left behind. After all, maybe one thing could be sure, that we don’t really need to depend our happiness to other people or we’ll end up increasing the risk for disappointment to come to us, and follows pain. It is time to search for inner peace, it is time to seek happiness within you. Accept yourself, so we can find acceptance in other people, and for us to accept our situation. It is in acceptance that we heal our self.

Just because something didn’t go our way, doesn’t mean that it is the end of life. To feel pain is being alive, and being alive is a journey of healing and then continue going.

Everything should happen for a reason.


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