Even Yourself Deserves to be Happy

© Photo by @johnripa | Instagram

It is the rainy season of the year. Day after day, the weather has always been gloomy. A weather as gloomy as you feel how your life is going. You have been searching for yourself and you need more time. Time to search for the things you really want to do, time to cherish moments for yourself. You have sacrificed a lot to deserve such a moment not for anyone or anything, but only about you.

But is it really all worth it? What if happiness finds you sooner? A voice whispered in your head.

You are scared because you are not used to being happy. You are scared because you are afraid, something may take it away from you. Pain was your comfort zone. You have spent a long time in your cage that it felt like home. You get yourself used to pain that you forget that happiness was a choice.

As long as you’re heart tells you so, keep going. As long as you don’t compromise anything, as long as you are contented, it is worth it. It is time for you to be happy, you have already put yourself in situations not everyone can get through. And it is time for you to put yourself first, even for the first time. Even you, deserve some love from yourself. You don’t just give it all out.

You can cherish all the hurt that you are feeling but you have o remember that you deserve happiness. Even the sky cries the heavy waters it has been holding before it shows its rainbow.

Raindrops are confetti from the sky, a sign of joy after the clouds have finally let go of something they have been carrying for a little while. You are just a human, you need to free up space for your heart and mind, for yourself. If you want to make your way up to happiness, you have to let go of the things that pull you down. You need this to see the rainbow you have been looking for. If you are seeking true tranquility, look for it, and you will find it in yourself.  Even you, deserve to be happy too.

Once you have found it in yourself and the things you do. Hold on to it and live the moment. Not everyone will ever have the chance to experience something like yours. You have come this far and you deserve this. Do not let anyone take away your happiness. It may not last, but it is still yours to be kept and cherished.


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