This is Emptiness

No copyright infringement intended | Credits to the rightful owner of this photo

Again, it is late afternoon. You stare at nowhere and find yourself on an empty state. Nothing on your mind, nothing on your heart, just pure nothingness. You try to do something to make yourself feel, you try to reminisce and cherish memories to start-up the mood you want to feel, but you fail, miserably. You get the pen and paper to write your heart out, but nothing comes out. You are a nothing of yourself for the moment. You lost interest in the things that you used to like to do.

When was the last time that you have ever felt something like nothing? Is it really possible to feel that empty? How is it possible that we have put ourselves into such a situation? All but no answer. The feeling that there’s a massive hole in you that nothing can fill out. A kind of nothingness that is indescribable. You even start to question yourself but can’t find an answer. You try to dig into the deeper you but find nothing. You just like to lay on your bed and don’t feel like doing anything. Just nothingness, you just like to do nothing. You are basically dead even though your pulse is beating.

Even just wondering what to do with your empty thoughts and feelings makes you tired. There’s no escape. The world is just made of silly nothingness at the very moment.

As much as we want to get out of the hollowness, we can’t, it will all suddenly just come to you. We may like it or not being empty, but maybe sometimes, it is in the nothingness that we find that something. Something that would give the meaning to everything, so cherish it.


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