The Monster isn’t Under the Bed

No copyright infringement intended | Credits to the rightful owner of this photo

Back in the days, we have always thought that the monster was under the bed. Until the time that we grow up and realize that they’re really not.

Now, we could only miss the times when we would get scared because of the monsters that would haunt us. We would cry ourselves out terrified of being left alone and getting caught by them. At least, we know we are safe up in our bed under our sheets.

Today it is scarier, the monsters are hiding inside our head, and they feed on our thoughts. They are born with us, to live with us. They provide us the urge to think and think, and think. Overthink everything. Before, we cry of being left alone, but now we like to be left alone with our demons, and live with them while they slowly kill us. It is scary and satisfying at the same time. There is no help. No matter how much people try to reach out, we would always choose to isolate ourselves because we feel safer on our own. The monsters live on our head and occupy our minds, they are everywhere inside us. We grew up thinking they would haunt us, but now we know they don’t need to, they’re already in our mind feasting with our thoughts.

Before, we just cry ourselves out, but now we cry out with our hearts. Our eyes don’t shed out the tears anymore, but our heart does and that silence will be our loudest cry. They are a part of us. They keep us awake and bring us to sleep. We’re not sure if we own them or they own us. We’re not sure if we wanna lose them or they just don’t exist. If ever they do, we still wouldn’t know if it is us or them. If ever they exist, the worst part is if we lose them, we’ll lose our-self too.

At the end of the day, maybe it all comes down to embracing every part of yourself. We are the monsters that are haunting us.

Maybe we should also open up ourselves out and take chances. We may not lose the monsters, but at least we might take over them. Before anything else, it is better to find acceptance in ourselves first than finding it from others.


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