Anyone can be a Prison

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Some people are just given the luck to be born free. For some people, it is not. To be free is a heavy choice to be made. Some people are born and then made to choose over freedom, self-fulfillment, and to please the people they care for.

Not everything that people do reflects who they really are. The person that they are deep inside. The soul inside the skin they are in. They might be doing something for a reason that is beyond what we are seeing. People are so quick to judge others simply by how they see them, but not knowing the story behind why they had to do such things or what turned them into someone that they really don’t want to be. It is a sad reality that people’s eyes prey on what they see without putting their foot on the shoe. At least everybody deserves the benefit of the doubt.

These are the people that scream for help in their cell. They are alone, and no matter how loud they scream, no one would hear them. They are locked up in their mind. They are those who do not know what price they need to pay in order to be freed. Provide them the food to survive while they take their time to free themselves, by providing support in any way you can on how they can they be their better version. Provide them visits in the jail through kind words, everyone needs someone even at one point in our lives.

People today have been very hard to each other, setting standards on what and what’s not is to float the boat. People need to understand that others might prefer to swim because that is what they think the best way they can do to reach the shore.

People can be a prison of their own selves because they do not know how to cope up with the people that surround them, and the environment that they live in. It could also be a choice, a choice made because of the people that they care for, and not for themselves. These are the people who choose to be a prison instead of following what they want to be, for the price of putting others before themselves.

These are the strongest people, the people who chose to compromise their freedom and themselves just to be the ‘best’ in the eyes of the people they care for.

The worst prison is the mind, and it also holds the key. It is the prison and it is the freedom. Some are prisoners and some are free-spirited. Don’t be the police, be a human.



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