An Endless Roller Coaster

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At first you want to live the life, the next you feel tired, and then the next you break down, and then you build yourself. Repeat.

It is tiring. One time you’re on a peak of joy like you’re meant to carry the world, and then meant to fall on your knees later. It is exhausting to live, on this repetitive cycle. There are days when the best choice is not caring about anything at all, while in the deeper you, you really care and you scream for a hint of what your purpose really is and what your future would be. Some days you are living without feeling anything and some days you feel everything inside all at the same time.

It is wanting to have a reboot of everything. It is with hopes up that you’ll have everything you’ll ever need to get everything you wanted. But no, life doesn’t work that way. In reality, you must live while you get everything that you can, so you can use it while you keep on going.

We have to face it, life is not all about going up to the top. Or else, it will be pointless. It is made to have slopes so you gain extra force to go higher. It is an endless journey.

Life tells us that we should know how to handle and take care of everything while we still have the view of the top, so we won’t drop ourselves to the deepest pit when problems drag us down. We need to compose ourselves with a mind that sets us to the better ways we can take and a heart full of courage to keep us going on the path whenever life gets too intricate.

We need to equip ourselves with courage to keep on going, and reinforce it with what we can earn along the way. We are humans, we are meant to feel while we live our lives. It is the unspoken law to every soul ever created.



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