Getting Up, Growing Up

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The good old days, you were just another kid who wanted everything in the world. To have all the superpowers, money, have all the fried chicken, all the toys, and all the friends you can. Remember how you cried over things you don’t get?

Look at you, you have grown up. You learned that life fucks everyone. Things didn’t go out the way your younger self want it to be. You just can’t cry yourself out. Think about how your younger self looks into you right now, pretty sure that little thing is sad.

As we grow older, we get to find ways on how we think we could fulfill that dream of that little kid. We get to the point that we were being too hard on ourselves that we even set personal standards. “Standards”, a word from the society on how it sets the view to its people and its goals, the more you live to it, the more favorable. There you are, getting too harsh and setting them even to yourself, even if is not on your favor.

You don’t have to be one of those people getting in line on that old track. Keep going for the things that you didn’t know anything about. Give yourself the time to take several paths. All the roads not taken that you see to reach the line. Don’t get that little kid disappointed when the path didn’t go well, and that some things don’t just go your way. Pretty sure that kid would tell you to keep going.

Open up the kid, that teenager, that there is more to the world than what they wanted. That you, as a grown-up has got to know what the best is for you. That as you grew up, you didn’t want to be the richest man in the world. Just enough to live your means, and be able to help the environment, the community, and the helpless. Just be able to express yourself and be happy.

As you continue to grow up, it’s okay to not be content with who you are today. Just be contented with more simple things in life when you have given your best. Consider the things more than that the rewards you get for being gentle with yourself by any means given by God.

By now, you just have to respond to that young kid, “let’s get moving, we have been through many tough times. Things haven’t been easy for us, but look how far we’ve come”. Do yourself a favor, loosen up yourself and tighten up your seat belt on your way to a better version of you.


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