The Rage of Waves

waves 1
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What is more heartbreaking than getting yourself drowned a hundred times by the large waves of thoughts and just when you finally learned how to surf to make the most out of it, it’s gone.

Before, we used to be scared on how these waves would consume us, so it gradually taught us to learn how to swim. Swimming in this rage of thoughts, it made you learn the ability to surf. Surfing in a way that you know not just to go with the flow, but make something special from it.

Now, just thinking how we would lose the waves when we finally learned how to play with it makes us sad. Learning how to play with the waves can always take us to the seashore. The safe and calm place– 

Life is a beach, is it not? It gives you all these ideas to play tricks on your mind that you can do everything. Is this life giving us another larger waves of thought that we need to overcome? Is this life sending us to a bigger ocean for us to conquer? Whatever it is, as long as we live, pretty sure that the waves will keep coming. The better we are, the larger they become. There are people who aim to be the best as soon as they can, but it is not about that. Life is about being a better person than we were in the past. Life is full of thrill, and only the strong ones survive.

People can only go better and better but not the best, yet.

For the larger waves coming, our surfing skills may not be enough. Brace yourself to catch the waves and the surprises behind it. No matter how unexpectedly large it is, don’t be scared. No matter how many times we drown ourselves, we can always try to swim up and surf again. It is a part of what life is about. An enormous ocean. You can’t stop the waves, but you can always surf.


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