Fight to Live or Live to Fight

tree of life drawing ideas

Another normal day……for everyone. For you, it’s another day done you’ve fought to live.

For you, it was another day that you have survived. Tick! tock! It scares you as you hear the sound of the tick of the clock. The sound that reminds you tomorrow, it will be the same, you start by fixing yourself, wear the smiley face and be with people that you have to like. Again and again, and again. Survive the day until you reach the night where you are by yourself, again.

Alone in the dark. That’s how you like it. You make wonders on your own that people will never understand. You do it on your own because they would not appreciate the beauty that you can do. You isolate yourself so you can shine on your own, because people have a different perception of beauty, and your magic will never be their’s. People like seeing and enjoy the sun while you decorate the dark sky with the moon and the stars. That’s what you want, to be the person that lights up when no one else does. The person that chooses the right people to see when you illuminate. You light up for people who are not used to be in the dark, the place where you grow. The place that you will always choose to stay so you can walk people through the light again.

You try to blend yourself so you won’t get too much or lose too much for others to see. In reality, you are a gem under a gravel waiting to be unfold. Resume life. Win and Lose. Give and take. Breathe. Inhale and exhale.

For now, cherish what you have survived, as you continue to grow your trunk and grow leaves so you can shade the people you love. Continue to grow strong on your own and let them notice you once you have grown strong. Be the tree that gives people the place to rest. Be the tree that gives people the shade when it rains or shine. Be the tree that blooms beautiful flowers for people. Be the tree that is home to the million fireflies that shine like the stars in a dark night.

You may be fighting to live now so just go on with winning the battle. The war is endless, keep winning and losing until you live to fight, not just for yourself, but for the people you love.


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