Your Right to be Wrong



Mistakes doesn’t mean failure, it is discovering other ways that don’t work.

We all make different life choices. We have different views on how we see things. What we think could be the best for us might be the worst for others. This is a world full of all different personalities, way of thinking and way of living, but for sure one thing should be in common, we all deserve the right to be wrong at some point in our lives.

As much as possible, we try not to make mistakes because of the consequences. Wrong choices bring disappointments. It is one of the things that can pull us down heavily. On the other hand, wrong choices also makes us realize to be more careful in the future. This is something that helps pull us up. Making temporary wrong choices give us permanent lesson to help us in our future decisions. It is a pre-requisite for your growth as a person.

Put it in a perspective where you brought yourself to the wrong destination because you got on the wrong bus. You will always find your way back home. From there, you can start over again in your real journey. You might find yourself in a highway under the noon sun on an empty field, but at least, you already know the roads that are not yours to be taken.

In decisions, if it is right, you win. If it is wrong, you lose something, but you gain lessons.  Make mistakes. You earn something that could not be taken away by anyone, the experience, the memories and your learnings. If others can’t be gentle for your mistake, then be gentle for yourself. Forgive yourself for the choices that you had to make, for you have given all your best, and there shouldn’t be any regret that you should feel about that. You should make peace with your mistakes from the past because that is what helps you to shape to the person that you are today.


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